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Originally designed by a Yahoo employee with a grudge, the SSNB navigation bar was intended to make webrings so dysfunctional that they would cease to exist. To gain acceptance SSNB was put forward as the Server-Side Navigation Bar, but this definition was a wind up on the part of its creator. In actual fact SSNB means Stackers & Spammers Navigation Bar. The plan was that by facilitating the storage of navigation bars off site, members would respond by creating and joining hundreds and hundreds of webrings. This in turn would cause surfers to eventually lose interest in surfing endless duplicate rings containing the same old boring websites, members similarly would lose interest in joining them and webrings would eventually meet their own demise, with just a few remaining on long abandoned websites.
This has failed to happen, webrings are being created by the hundred every day, members are joining hundreds of webrings every day, and through their immense popularity helped by SSNB they remain the best way to deliver thousands of hits to your website. Feel free to join any of these webrings to get your share of the traffic. The ringmaster does not give a toss what you submit as long as it is not adult or offensive in its nature. Every site guaranteed to be approved no matter what the content, or lack of it! Please keep to on-topic rings though! Each webring is literally buzzing with traffic! Have Fun!

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